V-1 AI Camera System for Automated Hair Transplants

World's First and Only Artificial Intelligence Camera with Up-to 50 X Zoom Real Time Live Feed. Compatible with any Hair Transplant Machine or any Automated Hair Transplant System, for carrying out Precision Hair Transplant procedures

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The LATEST Revolutionary INNOVATION in Hair Transplant!

Out Grow the Conventional method of F U E Hair Transplant and UPGRADE to the i - Brain Robotics' AI Hair Transplant Camera System. Compatible with Your Existing Hair Transplant Machine.

Salient Features of HARRTS V-11 AI Camera

Up-to 50X Zoom/ Magnification

The Up-to 50 X Live Feed AI Video Camera helps in:

The Artificial Intelligence Software

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Helps in the following:

The Up-to 50 X Live feed AI Camera, enables the surgeon the following advantages.

Benefits to the Surgeon

The HARRTS AI Camera provides substantial Benefits to the Surgeon while performing a Hair Transplant Surgery as follows:

HARRTS V-11 Explanatory Video

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