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    Android supported apps & Youtube videos
    Music and many more features.

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    Obstacle Avoidance

    Sandy can navigate and move around autonomously,
    avoiding collisions in the path..

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  • Click your Photos, Record Your Videos
  • Wishes you Birthday and Much More
  • Senses your Emotions and Reacts Accordingly


  • Finds any information you need, Gives you important Reminders
  • Tells you weather info, Guides you in Trip
  • Gives you important Notifications
  • Find places of interest, Helps in your Tasks


  • Plays with Kids, Interactive Chess and Games
  • Sings Songs, Tells Stories, Teaches Maths and Science
  • English and Grammar Teacher, Introduction to programming


  • SOS Calls to Family Members in case of Elderly Emergency in family
  • Gives Medication reminders to elders
  • Your home Nanny

Artificial Intelligence

  • Can be programmed to learn more, Can be programmed for any language
  • Can recognise Faces, Can have long interactive discussions
  • Can understand emotions and react accordingly


  • Can work as a Home Theatre with its built-in Projector and DVD /USB Player.
  • Can work as a Music Station with Bluetooth connectivity and Bluetooth Speakers
  • Can work as your personal photographer and videographer for special moments


  • Mobile telepresence, Skype Calling, Share photos and videos over social media
  • Connects you to social networking sites.
  • Community Interaction, Person to person interaction


  • Community Interaction, Person to person interaction, Person to group Interaction
  • Built-in Wifi for seamless Wifi Connectivity
  • Built-in Sim Card, can help in calling or receiving calls.


It is said "If you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see" and that's what we follow at iBrain. We welcome you all to be a part of the revolution that iBrain has begun and witness the new possibilities that we have opened for you!

Who is Sandy?

Sandy: Built in with the efforts of i-Brain Robotics and TeknoAVR, Sandy is set to be one of the first Intelligent, Android Based Human Sized Humanoid Robots in the world, and the only one and 1st in the Subcontinent. With its 5 feet stature, and a vast network of sensors, we have created Sandy to closely mimic a human companionship.
The True Emotion Sensors ,Capability to learn& communicate in many languages and the Artificial Intelligence that Sandy is equipped with, will make Sandy your Best and Most Intelligent Friend who you will desire for your entire life.

The Evolving Emotional Engaging Robot: The 3 "E"s

The 3 "E"s Make Sandy more Human than any other Robot. Like any Human's Transition in Life from a Child to Adult, Sandy Keeps Evolving both Emotionally as well as in Artificial Intelligence with each update and becomes more and more engaging with you.
Sandy will interact with you like a smart and witty friend, care for you like a caring and sentimental parent and entertain you like no one other!

Sandy: The Super Robot

Equipped with akin to Super Powers, here is a peek into what Sandy can do for you:
The emotion at the heart of the robot
Sandy can make you happy if you are Sad, Can celebrate when you are Happy and Excited, Can wish you Birthday, Can Play you your favourite Songs and Videos whenever you ask it, it can Play Chess and other Games with you, Can Sing songs, Can click your Photos or Record Videos, Can be your Health and Fitness Instructor, Can Get you any information you need about anything, Can Assist you in any of your tasks, Can Give you important notifications, Can call anyone or accept your calls, Can hand-over your calls to any-one, Can convert itself into a 200" HD red Blue 3D Projection Home Theatre System, Can be your Hi-fi Music System, Work as your Smart Computer , Can work as your own Sandipedia and many more unbeatable features which will make Sandy your Best Companion.
History suggests, "What we see today, once seemed impossible". At iBrain, with our Futuristic Ideas and new Innovations we write this History every day! We are committed to convert our futuristic ideas into a present reality.
Our State of Art Innovations are just a peek into the future and the immense possibilities that we are willing to open up to serve mankind.

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