I Brain Robotics Inc., A Global Leader in Robotics and AI assisted Medical Devices.

Our cutting edge technology products are a result of many years of relentless efforts and research, in our endeavor to integrate AI, AR and Robotics with Medicine, to make the most futuristic and result oriented Medical Devices. Our AI and Robotics assisted Medical devices are used in more than 40 courtiers globally, with more than a 1000 treatments performed daily and rising continuously.

harrts fusion x


5 DOF Robotic Arm Assisted Robotic Hair Transplant systme

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harrts fusion FUEsion 2 0

FUEsion 2.0

computer Vision and AR Assisted Automated Hair Tranplant system

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star 3d endoscopy system


computer Vision and AR Assisted 3D Endoscopy system

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hair transplant doctor

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In our 360° Turnkey Solution, we provide your all the help you need to start and succeed in your practice. Our Vast IT ,Marketing and Technicians Infrastructure, can create a complete ecosystem for your practice to succeed, which includes getting your custom website, digital marketing campaigns, online consultation platform, in-depth training, and procedural and technical support. You don't have to worry about all the hard work required to succeed. We've got your back!

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